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Annoura Road Bike

What’s Special about Annoura frames?

Annoura frames use both vertical alignment jigs (Anvil’s Super Journeyman and its fixtures) and a horizontal alignment table (Bringhelli) to ensure perfect alignment and centering. Orders are specific to the rider’s size and height with specific measurements calculated by Bike CAD computerization (Bike Forest). Lugs are special ordered from Japan (Nagasawa and Kalabinka) and all Annoura Frames sport unique decals by Japanese graphic designer, Katsuri’s Cycle and Design (Katsutoshi Narita). Choose from two types of steel tubing: chrome molybdenum steel (Cr-Mo) or nickel chrome molybdenum (Ni-Cr-Mo) from mainly Kaisei (Japan) and True Temper (USA). These traditional steel type tubings provide the rider with both stability and durability. Oversized tubing is also available by request. Jigs and tools used to make Annoura frames include those made by Campagnolo, Mitsutoyo, Strawberry, Kimori (many custom alignment tools have been made especially for us), Park Tools, Sputnik, and Anvil. Both vertical and horizontal milling machines are also used.