Marin Wildcat Trail

Frame only: $2,625.00

The Boo Bicycles Fixie is the ultimate expression of beauty and simplicity. Its lines cut an impressive form, and the inherent beauty of the bamboo contrasts with the aerospace carbon fiber wrapping. Form truly follows function. The Boo F uses a traditional flat top tube with an integrated seatmast head. The stiffness of the frame is sufficient for serious track use, but it maintains the comfort and vibration dampening the makes all Boo frames unique. With numerous track-specific features such as higher bottom bracket, stiffened tube walls and carbon layup, and steeper head angle for closer drafting, the Boo F is a true racer.
Whether a stylish commuter to the office or a true race machine on the banked oval, the Boo F will impress rider and onlookers alike.